Adda Innovation Limited is a professional and multi-functional prototype and POSM workshop, whose expertise lies in turning a concept to reality in very practical manner with strong brand enhancement.

         Our workshop was established in 1996 in Hong Kong as Adda Products limited and because of business expansion; we moved our workshop to Shenzhen China with a full team of 30 people providing services on: CAD and 3D development, CNC services, prototype production with crafting, polishing, painting and fabrication, engineering services, material sourcing & testing, electrical & electronic services for PCB and LED items; structural design and vendor assessment, QC and Certification, logistic services including shipment to your customers. Because of above services extension, we integrated all our services and resources and offer a One Stop Solution to our customer under our new company Adda Innovation Limited.

         Quality and Innovation are key DNA of our company and we commit on these two elements to serve many luxury brands in the Cosmetics, Wine & spirit category from Packaging prototype to Factice, from glorifiers to wine rituals and POSM display items in last ten years. We work closely with our French partner on Luxury Brands and enjoy long term relationship for years. Besides Luxury items, our product range also covers household goods, electrical products, machinery parts, consumer durables and premium items.






雅迪創新有限公司是一家專業, 提供原型, 展示及多功能的生產車間, 專長在於協助客戶從概念設計,延伸致實際展品, 幫助客戶提升品牌作用。

      我們車間成立於1996為香港雅迪產品有限公司,因業務擴展;我們把車間轉移到中國深圳。 三十人的工作團隊提供專業服務, 三維繪圖開發, 結構設, 三軸及四軸數控加工服務, 樣板制作, 工藝生產。電路板和燈具工程項目, 供應商評估, 品檢和認證,物流運輸服務。由於上述服務的延伸,我們整合所有的服務和資源,提供更完善的解決方案給我們的客戶以成立了雅迪創新有限公司。

       質量和創新是我們公司主要元素,以這兩種元素結合在許多奢侈品牌, 如化妝品, 葡萄酒及烈酒類包裝, 展示香水瓶, 酒座展示等等。在過去的十年, 我們與法國合作伙伴密切合作,在奢侈品牌的商務上, 保持多年友好的工作關系。奢侈品之外 , 我們的產品範圍涵蓋家居用品、電子產品、機械配件、耐用消費品等優質項目